As a former internationally renowned model and make-up artist and image coach for over 40 years, Yanka Van der Kolk is uniquely qualified to energize your strength and ability to portray your true self before the camera lens. Her communication coaching and imaging skills are second to none in the North American marketplace. As a complement to Yanka’s training skills is partner Henk Van der Kolk who has been behind cameras all his professional life as a director of numerous educational and industrial films and the producer of five feature films. He is a founder and producer of Toronto International Film Festival in 1976 as well as the founder and director of International Film Festival of Panama in 2012. 

Yanka and Henk Van der Kolk’s professional portrait photography skills depend singularly on you, the subject, to participate in the adventure of revealing yourself to the camera. Their professional corporate imaging sessions are interactive not passive and the results are truly remarkable. Their client list includes leaders of a broad spectrum of industries including financialservices, banking, insurance, accounting and management consulting, broadcasting, entertainment and public relations as well as fashion photography.

The joy Henk and Yanka derive from their work is infectious and their commitment and attention to detail have made them valuable collaborators on many corporate and creative teams.

We look forward to working with you!